Awesome Apps: NPR One

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It's not much of a surprise that I am a big fan of NPR. I listen almost every day, I talk and tweet about it almost constantly, and I even include it in my social media profiles. 

But the main problem is that I don't like listening to terrestrial radio, so I have mostly had to rely on podcasts to get my NPR fix. But with NPR One, that is no longer a problem.

NPR One is a very simple and user friendly app. Just open the app and it will automatically start with both a short national and local news cast, from NPR and your local NPR member station (good ol' WNYC for me!). Then it just keeps playing stories from there without requiring you to do anything. It gives you that old radio experience, with a lot less commercial interruptions.

Of course, if you are somebody that likes to control the stuff they are listening to, you can also look up all their stories and podcasts on the app. 

NPR One is now my go-to app in the morning to get started on the day's news.

Question: What do you think of the app and of NPR in general?